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  1. ED: Why and what is the origin of the name « The Entertainment Crackers »? Is there a meaning? NN: Our gigs were being billed as Nathan Nelson solo gigs, so I told Dave and Andy to pick a name. They chose Entertainment Crackers. I liked it because it sounded racist toward white people and they sell them at the grocery store.

  2. ED: When the group was formed and where is it from? What was the common denominator, the project? NN: I played with Dave in the Fat City Wildcats for a few  years starting around 2005. Andy and Dave played Tuesday nights at Northside Tavern with Bill Sheffield and Donnie McCormick. When I took over the Tuesday gig, they were stuck with me.

  3. ED: On your albums « Amerijuanacana » and « Mechanically Separated Love » amount of musical American styles. Where does this vast knowledge of musical culture come from? NN: I love and despise all kinds of music, so my songs tend to reflect that. Too many people to list have contributed to my hearing different styles over the years, and it is mainly their vast knowledge from which I have benefitted.

  4. ED: Who are the members of The Entertainment Crackers? Could you present Andy Tomko and Dave Roth (their hometowns, their musical initiation, etc…)? NN: Dave Roth, on bass and vocals, is from Ft. Myers, Florida. Andy Tomko, drums, is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He now resides in California. Since Andy went west, Dan Sheffield has been playing drums and baritone guitar with us. As for their initiations, jumped in.

  5. ED: How do you choose and who determines the direction of the titles in the group? Moreover, composes and what are your favorite themes, your main sources of inspiration? NN: Amerijuanacana was basically a Nathan Nelson solo album produced by Dave and Andy. Mechanically Separated Love is half my songs and half Dave’s songs, and a couple we wrote together. The prevailing theme in our music seems to be writing about what hapless fuckups we are. I suppose that could also be the inspiration.

  6. ED: You have two great (or perhaps more) albums: « Amerijuanacana » and Mechanically Separated Love » that are unfortunately not accessible by downloading from your website. Is this something you decided or is there another reason? Are they going to be available one day? NN: I’m always behind the times, especially when it come to the internet. You should see me trying to type this shit now. Hopefully downloads will be available by the time you read this.